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has been in the forefront of the Major Oil Company's fuel distribution business since 2001. Founded and led by dynamic partners who have been in the petroleum business for the last 22 years, our company had already established a network of market from direct-served customers including selected traders and new players in the industry.

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We Provide Technical Services to our major accounts such as:

♦ Boiler Efficiency Audit

♦ Product Knowledge Services

♦ Fuel Management Inventory

♦ Lubes Survey

♦ Tribology

Did you know?
...that gasoline is a highly-flammable substance in the presence of an open spark, flame or incandescent surface. But consider this: The self-ignition temperature for gasoline, depending on how it is blended, is between 300 and 400 degrees Celsius. Diesel fuel and motor oil will self-ignite somewhat more easily, at approximately 200 degrees Celsius! This means that in the presence of heat alone -- without an open spark or flame -- spilled diesel fuel or motor oil will catch fire at a lower temperature than gasoline will.