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has been in the forefront of the Major Oil Company's fuel distribution business since 2001. Founded and led by dynamic partners who have been in the petroleum business for the last 22 years, our company had already established a network of market from direct-served customers including selected traders and new players in the industry.

In 2001 FUEL OPTIONS started as a simple trading company with only three (3) personnel then until as the company grew it reached to more that ten (10) excluding other skilled workers in operation. A year after its inception, we became one of the Top Fuel Distributors in the country in terms od volume in sales and market share in the manufacturing industry.

In the last five (5) years, we developed high-class quality standards which meet the strctest requirements of its existing market. As a result of its extensive experience, a number of well-known manufacturing industries like those included in the first one thousand corporations based in Metro Manila had also appointed FOII as their exclusive fuel supplier. Several top traders in the industry have similarly engaged buying from us and consider our technical capabilities to bring quality Special Fuel Oil to suit their needs for DENR Clean Air Act compliance.

FUEL OPTIONS has been continuously upgrading its facilities and equipments to catch up the fast-faced technological advancements. We now boast state-of-the-art equipments and maintain a full-time Research and Development (R&D) laboratory backed up by well trained and experienced chemist and oil technologist. FUEL OPTIONS has also designed an efficient supply chain, from the time it leaves Buli (Shell) and Pandacan (Caltex/Petron) and from our own Depot in Muntinlupa. We personally follow-up our products/deliveries on regular monitoring basis. Likewise, we conduct regular customer visits, together with our technical team and consultants and initiate one-on-one discussions and consultations with our customers in order to thresh out various concerns.

FUEL OPTIONS has been of the most competitive and stable Petroleum Distributor in the market today. This is directly the result of its distinct advantage of having the capacity and capability to source the best quality of fuel at the lowest possible cost, not only from the Big Three Oil Companies but also from other big new players in the oil industry as well.

Cognizant to our potent role in the fuel industry, we put ourselves and our company in the forefront of protecting our clientele's interest because we are proud of our products and we provide full guarantee on all our deliveries and commitments.

Did you know?
...that if technology could use 100 per cent of the energy of a litre of gasoline to drive a 1,400 kilogram car down the highway at 80 km/h, that car would get an awesome 66 km per litre (or 1.5 l per 100 km)! Or stated the old imperial measurement way: a 3,000 pound car driving at 50 mpg would get 185 miles to the gallon.